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I talk about bravery. Being brave in business, in life, in whatever it is you do. More often than not, bravery is about taking risks and trying to do what everyone else isn’t. When you’ve nearly died as a child and run multiple companies in a volatile business like media, the downsides of risk seem trivial compared to the myriad successes that come from it.

Broadly, I love talking about digital, small business, innovation, media and disability issues. With my media background, the talks I give are visual and funny. My style is fun but intense, pleasant but practical. Here are some of the subjects I’ve spoken on in the past, and am more than happy to discuss at your event, conference or gathering. If you’re interested in using me to add to your event, please contact me with the form below!

You can find me in the Disability Leaders Speakers Bank and the annecto Speakers Bank:

  • Creating video in your organisation
  • Telling your organisation’s story
  • Business as a creative: mixing water with oil paint
  • “What’s your backup?” how to ignore that question and build a career in the arts
  • Running a small business: the immense pressure and intense satisfaction
  • Innovation in Australia, and how bloody hard/important it is
  • Embracing digital in work and life
  • Working with a chronic illness
  • Inspiring and educating by talking about cystic fibrosis

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