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Two New Articles Online, Both Medical

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I had two articles on national online publications in December. Both are about medical/disability issues. One’s meant to be funny, one’s serious. Enjoy, cud-chuckers! The Funny One: NDIS bill introduced, man buys a Mazda 6 The Serious One: A horde of untrained doctors is no good for our health

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Here’s the latest article of mine on The Punch. All’s I’m saying is, if each generation really was worse than the last, we’d all be running around wildly raping each other, covered in infant blood right now.

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UPDATE: Stuff I’ve Done

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Here’s some stuff that’s been put up around the internets by Simmy G. On The Nervous Breakdown, I look at the comedian Louis C.K.’s Live At The Beacon Theatre sales experiment, and what it means for the future of the industry. He made $1 million! Mia Freedman copped it, and I defended her… sort…

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Gay Rights

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Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy Why does our Prime Minister not speak on such issues? When was the last progressive leader of our nation? When was progression considered more than only the slow rise in interest rates and the ever more likely chance…

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