Here to be Creative

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I’m not here to do exactly what you want, however you want me to do it. That’s a complete waste of my skills, time, and your money. Some people who hire creatives can be under the false impression they’ve hired a trained monkey. That that monkey should know how to follow…

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Flood Levy Supported By Gen Y & X

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“@MissBaileyWoof: Newspoll on flood levy. Voters back Gillard tax. Support 55 Oppose 41. Strongest support among 18-34s, most against are over 50s.” All this generational bullshit saying generation Y aren’t responsible and that we’re selfish and lazy…yet here we have older people deciding they’d rather not give their money to…

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Melbourne Show Copy Fail

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I saw a poster for The Royal Melbourne show that really pointed out why companies need a skilled copywriter. =””> No doubt if you live in Melbourne, you’ve seen this poster at tram shelters and train stations. The problem is the prevalence of those unwarranted little apostrophes after Moo, Baa…

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We love Melbourne so much, we once made a show about it. Hot damn if I don’t love Melbourne. It’s the city I was raised in and around and I’ve got a terrible bias because I’ve never left the country, but I don’t rip on junkies who love junk because…

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Chk-chk-FUCK OFF!

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So the chk-chk-boom girl lies on camera about a shooting and gets a TV show deal. Meanwhile, Robin Brown spends time, money and passion working on skills pertaining to the craft of acting and presenting, going to a Uni and a private school of performance and he gets…overlooked. Robin Brown…

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