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How to Write for VR

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Here’s the first tweet in the thread. Click it, view it, scroll down, learn how to write for virtual reality. All right well fudge it, here's what we've learned about storytelling in VR (thread!) #creativestate — Simon J Green (@simonjongreen) June 29, 2017 Here’s the video where I go into…

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IMAGE: Mill Children in Macon, showing two kids from 1909 peddling on a large device.

Paid vs Unpaid Work

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In the Australian film industry, passion drives us. Passion, however, isn’t always great for our bank account. In a country where capitalism or at least the need for money is embedded in our society, how do you balance creativity with food? This problem got to me recently, after I saw…

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25%+ Aussie Pirates: Reasons Why

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The Intellectual Property Awareness Foundation tells us more than a quarter of Australians are pirates. When video content was available on CD or DVD, there was still piracy, but it was never as widespread, nor were its proponents as vociferous as they are now. In the DVD age, piracy was more the trade…

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