IMAGE: Simon in hospital taking a selfie with a surgical mask that looks like an orange duck beak

Duck Faced Doctors

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I’m walking down Commercial Road on a warm spring day in Melbourne’s south. The green man pings, letting me cross to the food court with excellent, unrestricted wifi. My phone rings, and the nurse is asking me to come back to the ward. There’s doctors that want to chat to…

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There’s a Way to Replace Money Scott Morrison Takes Away

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“Corporate responsibility is the view that a corporation ought to deliver social and environmental dividends while pursuing its primary economic interests.” “In a sustainable society, corporations optimise the development of economic, social, environmental and governance capital to produce diverse community dividends.” Those aren’t the words of a not-for-profit or left-leaning…

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Two New Articles Online, Both Medical

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I had two articles on national online publications in December. Both are about medical/disability issues. One’s meant to be funny, one’s serious. Enjoy, cud-chuckers! The Funny One: NDIS bill introduced, man buys a Mazda 6 The Serious One: A horde of untrained doctors is no good for our health

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