IMAGE: Mill Children in Macon, showing two kids from 1909 peddling on a large device.

Paid vs Unpaid Work

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In the Australian film industry, passion drives us. Passion, however, isn’t always great for our bank account. In a country where capitalism or at least the need for money is embedded in our society, how do you balance creativity with food? This problem got to me recently, after I saw…

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IMAGE: Simon in hospital taking a selfie with a surgical mask that looks like an orange duck beak

Duck Faced Doctors

By | Disability | 2 Comments

I’m walking down Commercial Road on a warm spring day in Melbourne’s south. The green man pings, letting me cross to the food court with excellent, unrestricted wifi. My phone rings, and the nurse is asking me to come back to the ward. There’s doctors that want to chat to…

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only an ape wouldn't know how to write a post

4 Tips To Writing A Post With Impact: You Don’t Want To Miss This And Look Like A Loser While All Your Friends Talk About It Behind Your Back At The Conference

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You’re probably sick of writing posts, and you’re often paralysed staring at the keyboard, thinking, “How can I write one post a week! I don’t have that much brandy on the shelf!” The first paragraph of your post should make people shit their pants because they’re doing stuff wrong, and…

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There’s a Way to Replace Money Scott Morrison Takes Away

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“Corporate responsibility is the view that a corporation ought to deliver social and environmental dividends while pursuing its primary economic interests.” “In a sustainable society, corporations optimise the development of economic, social, environmental and governance capital to produce diverse community dividends.” Those aren’t the words of a not-for-profit or left-leaning…

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Alternate Reality AusPol

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In science fiction, there is a story element featuring an aberration in a greater force – space/time continuum, the force, fate. An event occurs that throws the natural order of things out of whack, and for the duration of the story, everything goes weird. The Russians won the Cold War,…

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