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Simon’s purpose is to make fun stories that audiences watch and love.

Simon is a natural leader with the rare ability to create and manage creative teams that love the process and the outcome. As a writer, he strives to master the structures of storytelling from the generations of writers before him, and uses those structures to shape genre-heavy narratives that explore the fantastic. As a producer, he enjoys facilitating other creative people, so they can specialise and be their best in a team environment. As an artist with a disability, he feels it’s his responsibility to tell stories that represent marginalised members of society. Simon runs his own video production company The X Gene and among his hundreds of clients, has created content for Hewlett Packard, Nintendo, Network Ten, Lifestyle, L’Oreal and Arts Centre Melbourne.

Check the Blog to get a taste of his views on creativity, disability and communications.

Go to The X Gene to see his video production company at play or his LinkedIn profile to see his background.

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