The Western Metropolitan Partnership will hold its first annual assembly on 4 October 2017, 5:30 – 8:00pm, where where the priorities for the region will be developed and refined, before being finalised as advice to government.

I like to publicly post my answers to these, because often they disappear into a void.

Five most important changes:
1. Better and extended public transport (mode reliable buses, tram extensions)
2. Improved road safety (no license drivers, hot spots of poor road behaviour like Sunshine and Footscray)
3. Improved recognition and pathways for emerging artists in arts body processes, particularly Film Victoria,
4. More involved and proactive council (Maribyrnong) to improve livability
5. Higher prioritisation by private sector (the West is often the last in new product or feature roll-outs)

What’s stopping those changes?
1. Little appetite from government to engage in large or even medium sized infrastructure out west (except for roads)
2. Seems to be very little activity by police or communities in educating and policing these areas for these issues
3. Entrenched apathy and lack of future vision in management.
4. Apathy and disengagement by council (case in point, the arts and culture department was left empty for five years)
5. Population importance and existing technology adoption considered low.

Do you have a game changing idea for the West?
I believe in the design thinking process, which would gather information and everyone’s needs first, then discover game changing ideas in context. So I don’t know! But my wish would be for Sunshine or Footscray to change into a knowledge based hub that provides value for value – not just money, also intellectual, infrastructure, time, resources, creativity.

How would you describe the region and the opportunity?
Unsullied creativity. Mature diversity. Self-reliance. A chance to capture a changing region and make it part of the service, knowledge and creative future the economy needs to shift to post mining and manufacturing.