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September 2010

Grog’s Blahmut

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The chap who is Grog’s Gamut knew he ran the risk of being unmasked when he first set up an anonymous blog. If he didn’t, he wasn’t too bright. The fact that he was unmasked may be unfortunate for him, but I don’t see it being in any way unethical. No one…

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Melbourne Show Copy Fail

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I saw a poster for The Royal Melbourne show that really pointed out why companies need a skilled copywriter. =””> No doubt if you live in Melbourne, you’ve seen this poster at tram shelters and train stations. The problem is the prevalence of those unwarranted little apostrophes after Moo, Baa…

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We love Melbourne so much, we once made a show about it. Hot damn if I don’t love Melbourne. It’s the city I was raised in and around and I’ve got a terrible bias because I’ve never left the country, but I don’t rip on junkies who love junk because…

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Ladies and gentleman, may I present to you, the hottest piece of ass this side of the Atlantic. She’ll steal your dreams, get all up in your head box and destroy your ability to step outside, away form your computer screens. Aw yeah. Snap!

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