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June 2009

4 Reviews

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Actually, two film reviews, a theatre review and an interview, all originally appearing on Inside you’ll find:• The Devil Wears Prada• Chariton’s Choir• Hedwig and the Angry Inch• Heath Franklin Interview All material from this site is the property of Simon J. Green. Any unauthorised use is not permitted.

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Connex Cracked the Sads

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I reckon (on the prompting of my girlfriend) that Connex, who were predictably canned for their brand damaging effort on Melbourne public transport, have cracked the shits. Like a spoiled school boy bitch, they’ve crossed their arms and whined, “Fine then!” before proceeding to bring the heaviest load of late,…

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It’s really sad that MJ died. I always maintained that despite the controversy, the man wrote friggin’ kick-arse music and danced like a maniac. Very few folks had such a huge sense of showmanship – and Moonwalker was awesome. It’s almost a pity he didn’t die earlier to immortalise his…

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What the World Needs Now…

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Does anyone else love that in every single automated toilet around Melbourne, you’re always serenaded by What The World Needs Now (is Love) by Burt Bacharach, played on muzak piano? So comforting, in the same way I feel whenever The Simspons is on the TV. It just feels safe and…

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Entry Songs

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This is how it goes: I’m a douchey sort who is resistant to certain recording artists because my pretensions get in the way. I say, sometimes justifiably, “I won’t listen to that band. I heard ’em on the radio and they are deservéd of my scorn.” I then shut my…

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The Chaser

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You probably know the story. The media jumped right on it, and ifyou’re their typical, ignorant suburban moron of an audience, you gotsucked right up into the cretinous, transparent farce of outrage theycreated. You didn’t even bother to watch the sketch, as you were toolazy to actually think for yourself…

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Get a Free Ticket

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Get a free ticket if you travelled on PT in April. Looks like Connex couldn’t fudge their records on this one. Boy I hope that company that do wonders in Japan scoop the Melbourne contract off those useless Connex bastards. Maybe they can try getting rid of those ridiculous under…

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